Injection molding parts

Injection molding parts

Injection molding parts

Injection molding parts manufacturers

As one of the most experienced manufacturers of injection molding parts products, we are confident of the quality we can offer. We are a leading manufacturer able to offer various kinds of injection molding parts in order to meet customers’ diversified demands.

* Description :

Plastic Parts Custom Molding. Research and Development. We can supply any kind of thermoplastic molding parts for electronic, electrical, optical, medical, house appliance, sports goods... industry.

We specialize in developing new products for you! With the technical aid from Europe and our 30 years experience in mold making, we are confident to say that our products are as delicate as fine art!

We are very glad to supply various kinds of plastic products in a variety of materials such as ULTEM, PPS, PMMA, POM, PC, PBT, PA ( Nylon ), ABS, PP, PS Runnerless or standard Mold.


* Features :

From 2.5Oz to 80Oz. Injection molding machine.

We can supply various kinds of products.

Delivery on time.

Price competitive.


* Optical form grinder w/Optidress to make precise jobs.


CNC machining center.


CNC wire EDM.